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Rock drills
Powerful by concrete and stone.

BBG hammers are highly reliable and have very low maintenance due to
the uncomplicated and stable construction.

The forged stainless steel with zinc surface protection in body and cover,
as well as the robust bolt connections are able to withstand high working pressure
and ensure an exceptionally long life.

High performance with low energy consumption lowers your operating costs.

BBG hammers - long-term and reliable partner for your business!
Drilling equipment

Pneumatic rock drills are very well suited for use in drilling equipment.
By using a conductor, excellent drilling results are achieved without the need for strenuous physical effort. One can drill to great depths (approx. 11 mtr.) both horizontally, vertically and at an angle.

Examples of use are;
- industrial, drilling in oven walls
- construction, drilling of anchor holes in slurry walls
- demolition, drilling of holes for explosives
- infrastructure, drilling of holes for detection loops
- mining
- mountain construction
- etcetera

Rocbo supplies drill conductor systems in many types and sizes. Therefore we cooperate with several manufacturers that have years of experience with these types of drilling solutions. There are several 'standard' solutions available which we are happy to inform you about.
Furthermore we devise and create customized solutions together with a specialized Dutch partner in this field.

On the next page we will show you some examples.

Contact us for the best solution to your drilling activities.



Demolition hammers




Surface preparation


Demolition solutions: LOW-VIBRATION !!

Cutting, Breaking and Expanding with ONE unit !!

* Accurately breaks concrete and masonry.
* Cuts metal, cables, wood, metal sections, iron rods, etc. 
* Performs virtually free of vibration !

Air treatment


Other air tools


Air hose / Couplings


Hydraulic Tools
HYCON ROCBO Hydraulisch Gereedschap

ROCBO is Dealer of HYCON Hydraulic Tools. The hydraulic solutions from HYCON offer our customers a number of significant advantages.

The 68 kg HYCON HPP09 Powerpack for instance, with its strong steel frame, can be loaded into a van and transported straight to the
working site. HYCON Hydraulic powerpacks have fewer wearing parts and are easy to service, because the cooling system ensures minimum
fuel costs and maximum cooling efficiency.

HYCON Hydraulic breakers can be used for both demolition and tamping. The breakers are totally unaffected by mud, sludge and heavy dirt.
Common problems on most construction sites do not stop the breakers from working.
Furthermore, the powerpacks and tools can be operated in conditions of -20°C and +50°C. No freezing problems in the winter!

Below you'll find more information of the HYCON Tools. Or contact us for further information.
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