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Demolition solutions: LOW-VIBRATION !!

DARDA Splitting Cylinders

DARDA Splitting Cylinders are handheld demolition devices.

Handheld Demolition devices, which controllably split material with the use of hydraulic pressure: 400 TONS OF SPLITTING FORCE IN ONE-HAND.
Above all they convince when larger conventional demolition devices are ruled-out because they produce dust, flying debris, vibration, noise and possibly exhaust fumes.
Important Fields of application: Demolition of concrete and reinforced concrete.

  • Enormous splitting force up to 413 tons
  • Dust free and near silent operation
  • Vibration free
  • Light weight

    Darda Splitting Cylinders

  • DARDA Power Units

    DARDA Hydraulic power units, the right combination for every job.

    Darda Aggregaten

    DARDA Accessoiries

    Accessoiries DARDA Splitting cylinders and Power Units.

    Darda Toebehoren en Accessoires

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