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Privacy statement

Your business and contact information is recorded in the list of customers of Rocbo. Your information is used for the execution of the delivery contract and risk management and the management of the resulting customer relations, including specific marketing activities by Rocbo. If you do not appreciate this you can let us know by e-mail to the or by telephone +31-(0)23-5256904. Your information is only used by Rocbo and will never be provided to third parties. For comments on our privacy policy or change and/or inspection of your information you can turn to the customer relations department.
Accessible by:
Tel. : +31-(0)23-5256904
Fax : +31-(0)23-5261410

Privacy on the Internet
During a visit to our website your ip-address is recognized and if possible the domain name and the site or e-mail of origin. Rocbo does not save and use this information as individual business information, but only to analyse the navigation, visited pages and ordered items in order to optimize the familiarity with, functionality and content of our website and e-mail newsletters. To improve our service we make limited use of cookies. A cookie is a small file that is placed on your computer while visiting our site in order to register information regarding your visit. The information saved in cookies depends, in part, on your browser settings.

e-mail addresses
Your business e-mail address is only saved in our system in the event that it is directly passed on to us. We only use this e-mail address for which it was given to us and furthermore for other marketing or service purposes in cases where authorization has been given for this. This authorization can always be withdrawn, the option to do so is offered in every commercial e-mail campaign you receive from Rocbo. You can also report this by telephone or e-mail to our customer relations department at the address stated above. Your e-mail address is only used internally and will never be provided to third parties for commercial use

Other information
Rocbo saves all business and contact information that you voluntarily provide to us through this site. This information is used for marketing and service purposes. In the event that you give us your mail address or telephone number through our site, you can receive mailings and catalogues from us. If you no longer wish to receive them you can contact the customer relations department at the address stated above.

Change of information
We appreciate it if you correct possibly inaccurate customer information online so that we can approach you properly in the future. The option to do so is offered online when you visit our website as a logged on user. Of course you can also report these changes to your customer information to us by e-mail. Also, if you feel that our website or our conduct is not in accordance with our privacy policy we ask that you contact us.

This privacy policy and the general terms and conditions of Robco apply to every visit to our website, every transaction and every agreement